Charity Website

Investing in a Great Charity Website is a wise decision

DarlynCute can create top quality websites that really hit the mark and are tailored exactly to your needs. This is a complete package including mobile apps, we’ll produce a bespoke solution that  is tailored to your school’s need and appealing to everyone with up to date information and presentation of your school.

With our designs, your school to stand out from the rest. Your school’s website is your first point of call, it is your face to the world and has to be right. We work with you to change and make your school’s website up-to-date and abreast with modern technologies.

We work in three simple terms:


Your schools website is always seen in the same way, on all platforms and devices such as PC, Android and Apple devices big or small screen… no scary suprises.


Contents of yours school website should be very easily available at all times, with images loading easily, texts readable and all other contents must meet the standard: meaning must be accessible for all regardless of ability or disability.


It does not have to cost a furtuneto build one, this is where DarlynCute is different. We work with you on your budget and still give you a satisfactory results that makes your brand stand out..



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